~ Yoga to Re-balance the Upper Core: Saturday November 18th from
Yoga techniques to stabilize, open and release the shoulder girdle, upper back, arms and neck. Muscles we will focus on constitute the "upper core", meant to support the head, neck and shoulders, but for many this part of the body is prone to pain and discomfort. Healthy movement patterns on and off the mat will be covered, along with uncomplicated stand-alone methods for use at home regardless of your Yoga experience. Class will close with a guided breathing practice designed to facilitate the movement of prana into this part of the body. All levels; fee $60. Follow this link to register:THIS CLASS HAS FILLED

~ Bhuta Shuddhi & Tibetan Color Purification: November 18th from 2-4pm
Bhuta Shuddhi is a quiet, meditative practice that includes guided visualization, mantra, meditation, bandha, and pranayama. The bhutas are the five elements as they exist in the first five chakras, and shuddi means to clear or purify. Bhuta Shuddhi is a chakra rebalancing technique, resulting in unified consciousness and a general state of balance and well-being.  This experience is enhanced by the vibration of the seven metal chakra bowls that are toned during the session. Newly added this year, we will begin class with Tibetan Color Purification, a tantric breathing practice for unblocking the koshas/sheaths. B
ring whatever you will need to be warm and comfortable either lying on your mat or sitting in a chair. Register early to ensure a spot, as space is limited; $40. Follow this link to register online:this class has filled

~ Full Moon Winter Solstice Restorative Yoga: December 23rd from 2-4:30. This is a grounding and stress-relieving practice that consists of long holds using props to completely support the body. Solstice and full Moon meditations will be offered as part of the experience of stepping into this other realm of existence. Newly added this year is some self-applied energy work to help you relax before we start the poses. Please bring any props you have as in this style of Yoga we use quite a few. Some Yoga experience helpful but not necessary. Space limited, please register early. Fee $50; follow this link to reserve your place: class has filled 

~ Yoga for Healthy Hips and Backs: Saturday March 23, 2024 from 9:30-noon. this class has filledPractice and discussion of Yoga techniques to help keep the hips and back strong, energized, and pain-free. These areas are common places to hold tension, stress, and emotions; and so can be weak, painful, or tight. In this class you will learn ways to isolate specific muscles to create stability, openness, and relief using therapeutic Yoga poses, breath work, and mudra. During the last part of class you will be led through the practice of Agni Sara, one of Hatha Yoga's most powerful kriyas. This ancient teaching utilizes specific breathing and muscle contractions to bring vibrancy and health to the organs, muscles, and chakras in the pelvic cavity. All levels; fee $60. 

Payment should be made through the online portal; mailing checks to the PO Box is no longer an option. No refunds are available unless class is cancelled. Classes meet at Sacred Waters 16990 Douglas Rd, Mishawaka 46545 unless noted otherwise. Please navigate to respective page elsewhere on website for more information for each training. If you are able, bring a non-perishable food item for the food bank. Kim's Yoga workshops count as CEU's for the Yoga Alliance.